DZIndia welcomes all licensed skydivers to jump at our dropzone!. All skydivers are required to have valid skydiving licenses issued by your NAC.


  • Government-issued photo ID.

  • Log Book.

  • Skydiving Membership card/license issued by your NAC.

  • If you are jumping with your own gear, reserve card and seal needs to be checked. Rental rigs are available on request.

  • AAD is mandatory for all the jumpers.

Landing Area / Safety Briefing

  • Wind indicators: Flags, windsock.

  • Follow the arrow for the landing direction.

  • Follow a left-hand pattern of no more than 90­­° turns under 1000 feet.

  • Do not cross the runway under 1,000 feet.

Interested in skydiving?

Leave us a message on whatsapp to schedule your first skydiving lesson