Frequently Asked Questions

Skydiving is exciting. Experiencing freefall is more like flying than falling.

1.Once you reach our dropzone, there will be a mandatory ground training program for every jumper.

2.After ground training, our instructors will have you geared up to take you to the skies. 

3.Once you are set, you will board the aircraft that will take you to 10,000 feet in 12 minutes.

4.After you jump, the freefall lasts around 40 seconds, then the parachute opens and you will be on the ground in about 5-6 minutes.

Yes, a jumper with upto 90 Kgs of weight is fit to jump.

For an average human body it is approximately around 200 kilometers per hour.

Tandem Skydives at our location happen from a guaranteed altitude of 10,000 feet.

Yes, You have to bring your ID so that we can verify your age and identity.

It is unlikely that your parachute fails to open, but might occur sometimes. At DZINDIA, we are equipped with a main and a reserve parachute along with Automated Activation Device (AAD), which is designed to open the parachute when the jumper is unable to open it.

Yes, you can definitely wear them . As we provide goggles which will fit over your glasses.

You must be at least 16 years old ( Tandem only ) with a valid government ID.

Yes. Normally there won’t be any breathing difficulty due to parachute environment

Wear athletic and comfortable clothes, sneakers/sport shoes

Yes, there will be insurance coverage

Each have done more than 1000 jumps

If we missed any question, you can always message us on whatsapp at +91 7382-424242