Accelerated Freefall is the quickest route to becoming a qualified skydiver. Also known as AFF, it’s Intensive, fast-paced and you can experience freefall on your very first jump.

After one full day of ground-training you will have learned all the skills needed to make your first skydive from 10,000ft, accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors. You will then open and, fly land your own parachute. We offer the AFF level 1 course as a unique introduction to the world of parachuting and skydiving which allows you to try it out first. If you fancy something a little more challenging than a Tandem Parachute Jump, its great as a one-off freefall experience.

The full 8-level Accelerated Freefall course is the best way to learn to skydive and attain your license as a qualified parachutist allowing you to jump at skydiving centers across the world.

  • Six hours of comprehensive training

  • Two professional AFF Instructors to guide you

  • Your personal state of the art parachute system

  • Dual square ram-air parachutes (main and reserve) for accurate steering and a soft landing

  • A parachute system equipped with an Automatic Parachute deployment device

  • Jumpsuit, altimeter, goggles, helmet, radios

  • Airplane flight up to 10,000′

  • One minute of freefall accompanied by two instructors

  • Five-minute parachute flight

  • Backup radio assistance for safer parachute control and landing


Training Skydives Information
Jump 1 AFF – first jump with your own parachute with two instructors. An amazing sense of accomplishment!
Jump 2 Awareness skydive – altitude, body – more control in freefall
Jump 3 Your release dive – your instructors release you and you freefall on your own.
Jump 4 You have now graduated to only one instructor accompanying you in freefall.
Jump 5 You will learn how to do turns and move forward in freefall.
Jump 6 More maneuvers of forward motion and turns.
Jump 7 You will learn how to track
Jump 8 You will perform acrobats in freefall.
  • Minimum 18 years of age

  • Maximum weight of 90 Kgs

  • A tandem skydive is required prior to joining the Accelerated Freefall Program.

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